Ayurveda Courses in India


Ayurveda Rishikesh has formed a benchmark for itself in this country by implementing a variety of treatments that have been drawn and developed from the scriptures of Ayurvedic exponents. Based on careful study, we have developed particular distinct protocols to manage persistent health conditions through various effective therapies like Ayurveda treatments, Panchakarma treatments and various forms of meditation and to sustain health in day-to-day stressful life circumstances.

These include modern equipment, herbs, plants and oils to ensure excellence and consistency in treatments. We have successfully healed thousands of patients and guests at our health centres with expert help from experienced therapists and Ayurveda professionals. We have a team of professionals who also provide excellent Ayurveda course in India to provide equipped training of Ayurveda therapies and treatments to the aspirants. We have received exceptional reviews from the aspirants who have been trained by us for various Ayurvedic Treatments. Our courses include training from the best professionals with excellent practical exposure. Towards the completion of the course, an authorised certificate in Ayurveda will be provided on successful completion of the course.

Study Ayurverda in Rishikesh, India

Course Description
2 Weeks and 4 Weeks Options
The programme Ayurveda Certificate Course will help you to understand the science of Ayurveda, its relation with Mind- Body- Soul, which one can acquire to keep himself composed and healthy.There is a huge need and opportunity in this modern and stressfull world to keep your friends, family, colleagues and clients free from any stress and help them maintain a good and healthy lifestyle which may help them in reducing health care costs. The medium of instruction will be English, our teachers would explain the topics in an easy to understand manner with minimal use of technical terms. Each learner will be provided with a subject assignment which has to be submitted to the trainer after completion of the course in order to gain the certificate. The subject of project work shall be practical oriented and helpful in the development of competence in the respective field. The subject of the project work shall have relevance to the subject matter of Ayurveda. We have individually designed some adaptable and quality Ayurveda courses in India and Indian subcontinent.
(A certificate will be awarded for each course by our government recognized body)

Study Ayurverda in Rishikesh, India

Course Description
2 Weeks
Among various ayurveda courses in India, this course is meant to reveal all the vital points in the human body whih is the centre to and to explain how to cure various minor and major illnesses, physical and psychosomatic problems and different neurological problems. Our certified instructors at Ayurveda Rishikesh will help you in formulating an extensive understanding of this traditional science that has been successfully practised for ages. The trainees will be taught important points in the human body and also explained how to cure diverse illness'. Consequently, we will be revealing all the marma secrets with the help of the Marma course.
(A certificate will be awarded for each course by our government recognized body)

Mr. Ojas Garg is an Health Consultant and a professional Life Coach.

➢ He was born in traditional Ayurveda family. His father Dr. Ram Garg is an eminent Ayurveda physician, who is accredited for bringing the best Ayurvedic treatment in India.
➢ He completed B.Com and B.Sc in Naturopathy from University of Delhi. He has also attained Certificate of Diploma in Panchakarma from Kerala.
➢ He is also a visiting Panchakarma consultant to Dr. Ram Ayurveda in Johannesburg, South Africa
➢ Presently, he is a consultant at Ayurveda Rishikesh. He is also mananging the health centre.

Ojas Garg

Dr Sachin Dua is an acclaimed Ayurvedic physician qualified from Maharshi Dayanand University, India

➢ He was born to a traditional Ayurveda family going back to centuries ago to Vaidya Ramasra Mal of Lahore.
➢ He is adorned with the ancient understanding of the healing characteristics of plants, that has been guarded and has been passed on to his family since generations.
➢ He attained his Ayurvedic Degree - Ayurvedacharya (BAMS) from M D University followed by a Post Graduate Degree in Alternate Healing and a Diploma Degree in Panchakarma.
➢ He is known for blending ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern practice and pulling on a variety of methods.
➢ He has successfully worked at Ayurveda Rishikesh treating thousands of patients from across the globe. He has a unified approach to health and work closely with his patients to find a meaningful solution to their problems.

Dr Sachin Dua

Sohan Singh Ayurvedic Therapist

➢ Sohan Singh is Ayurvedic therapist mastering in Panchakarma treatment in Rishikesh and medicine. He has graduated from one of the most distinguished schools of Ayurveda
➢ Mr. Singh is a specialist of the Ayurvedic treatment-Panchakarma. He also works as a trainer at the school of yoga Ayurveda in Rishikesh. He has an experience of about 14 years in the profession of Panchakarma. He is also an expert in preparing herbal medicines (considering the doshas) primarily used in Panchakarma treatment.

Sohan Singh

Mrs Savi Mehta Therapist

➢ She has an experience of more than 10 years in the Panchakarma department.
➢ She has worked as a therapist in many prominent Ayurvedic institutions at Delhi and Rishikesh. She is a recognized Ayurveda Panchakarma therapist. She is an expert in conducting Panchakarma procedure for patients with chronic conditions.
➢ We work closely with our clients to find unique solutions to their problems. As a result, we have integrated the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with current systems. By drawing on a variety of techniques, we are able to offer ‘perfect health’ naturally

Mrs Savi Mehta